Customized eating plan 

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    I order the service creating the diet + initial consultation with a medical history of my health and nutritional status and control after 1 month. 🙂
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    I know that I will get a detailed customized menu with 70-75 recipes, expert advice and initial consultation through a nutritional and medical history.
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    I know that it is necessary to fill in the nutritional and medical history which I receive by email after paying the program.

In the note you can enter what type of diet you are interested in. If you are unsure, we will suggest the best one for you according to your goal in the initial consultation in the questionnaire.

Carefully fill in your details here:

Ing. Petra Pavukova

Nutricionist, specialist with university education in human nutrition and health. I will personally help you with everything you need to correct for your health or what you want to get by eating. With the right diet, you supply your body with vital energy and gain well-deserved health.
I eat according to the recommendations in the eating plan. Thanks to an individual diet plan I managed to drop 3.1 kg after the first few weeks 🙂 I have no desire for sweet and my willpower has improved, I will not give in to temptations just as easily. I feel easier. What I like most about this program is that it is varied, the preparation instructions are simple and quick. Basically, I don't have to restrain myself because I can eat all the food. This plan gives me more freedom to choose meals. I can choose the kind of food I like at the moment or the ingredients available at home. Previously, I had a diet for every day, and that sometimes constrained me. I enjoy this program, preparing the complete meal for the next day will not take me more than half an hour. I'm just sorry I didn't order it sooner 🙂
Zuzka Kmecová, Slovakia
Since I like to do sports and mainly do running, I was interested in eating healthy and balanced so that I had the energy for sport and at the same time did not inadvertently overeat or eat too little. I dropped 5 kg with my diet in 5 weeks, mainly on fat, which pleased me most.
Zuzana Sabolová, Slovakia
Already after the first 2 weeks my digestion was modified and the changes were visible. The fatigue disappeared despite the fact that I left work immediately for training. I had a lot more energy. It was no worry or starvation, on the contrary, I ate regularly, I felt great, lighter, more skilful and especially nicer and I am not talking about positive energy.
Michaela Škopová, Slovakia

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I am here for you.

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